Best Bike Racing Games to Download on Your Android Phone

This is a list of some of the best free bike racing games on Android.

This is a must-read post for bike game lovers as I’ve compiled a list of some of the most awesome bike racing games on Google Playstore.

Bike stunt games unlike in the early days of the Android OS are becoming more stable and easier to control with more games being created every day by developers. These games mimic the real-life bike riding experience.

The criteria for each game making this list are the ability of the bike racing game to mimic real-life bike racing and natural scenery. Aside from that, I’ve also taken into account the graphic design of each game and only handpicked those with some of the best graphic design and user-friendly interface.

So in this post, you’ll find a list of the most remarkable motorcycle games that best mimic real-life experience as well as comes with an out of the world graphic design and provide an almost fluid playing experience.


Best Bike Racing Games For Android

1. Death Moto 2: Zombie Killer

Death moto has been rated severally as one of the best bike racing games on Android. The Death Moto 2 is a sequel to the Death Moto also available on Google Play Store. In this zombie series, you’ll need to ride through a world ravaged by a deadly biochemical attack which has turned the rest of mankind into mindless bloodthirsty zombies who will stop at nothing to get your blood.

Death Moto incorporated some of the best bike graphic design with an almost real-life bike sound and crashes. The game has over 10 million downloads with over 100k 5 star reviews on Google Playstore.

Popular Review: “I think that this game (Death Moto) was very good and i feel like i was inside my phone riding the bike and the bike was great” – a Google user (restructured).


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2. Bike Race Free

With more than 100 million players around the world and with over 2 million 5 star reviews, it’s no surprise that Bike Race Free takes the silver position on my list of the best bike racing games on Android.

Bike Race Free is both an online and offline game. With the online mode, you get the chance to compete with over 10 million bike riders racing simultaneously around the world. The game features impressive graphic design, fluid performance, and provides a stimulating bike racing experience.

Popular Review: “it (Bike Race Free) is addictive and so fun. I spend most of my time in this game. My opinion is that you should even download it”- a Google user.


3. Drag Racing: Bike Edition

Drag Race Bike Edition is the best bike racing game for those who like to tinker with their machines before the race. This racing game uses the Physics of real life bikes and as such, only fair plays can help you win any racing competition. You can tinker with your gearbox just as you can in real life situations. Also, you can customize your bike colors as much as you’d like.

This game has over 10 million downloads from the Google Playstore with 5-star reviews from over 200k players.

Popular Review: “ i definitely enjoyed playing this game..” – Algiuxas.


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4. Racing  Moto

Racing Moto dares you to race at top frightening speed and thrills you with the sonorous bike sounds as you race through beautiful natural scenes with the bellowing wind cutting through your hair and face.

The graphic design of Racing Moto is quite impressive and takes you through various environmental scenes – deserts, cities, seas, and forests. You get to race on some of the fastest bikes and only a good score will unlock a bike for your next adventure.

Racing Moto has over 10 million downloads from Google Playstore with over 400k 5 star reviews.

Popular Review: “Excellent game, perfect graphics and i think the best bike racing game in the world..” – a Google user.


5. Bike Racing 3D

If you love bike stunts – the most dangerous kinds, then you should try Bike Racing 3D. It is one of the best BMX games out there and promises to woo even the most demanding treacherous stunt lovers.

The graphic designs coupled with the various dangerous stunts and stimulating bike sounds make the whole gaming experience a lot like reality.

Bike Racing 3D has over 100 million downloads and over 600k 5 star reviews on Google Playstore.

Popular Review: “This is the best bike game in the world, good graphics and very good gameplay. I like  this game very much..” – a Google user.


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6. Moto Racing 3D

Moto Racing 3D is another bike racing game on Android OS that puts you in charge of your racing experience. You can customize almost everything about your bike in this game; your bike rims, paint, steering wheel, keys, and so on.

The control is also superb. You are free to use the joystick, the bike control board or phone gyroscope; whichever you want to use to control your bike.

The graphic design is also great. You’ll race through villages, deserts, seas, and cities.  They’ve all been carefully designed to mimic real-life experience.


7. Moto X3M Bike Race Game

Moto X3M has over 10 million downloads from Google Playstore and over 100k 5 star reviews. The game is less than 50MB and comes with surprisingly intuitive graphic design and fluid gameplay.

As a biker, you’ll need to race along well-paved roads all the while making sure you don’t collide with obstacles and often jumping over them with beautiful airtime stunts.

Popular Review: “this game is amazing, i love that you can flip and have lots of fun on this game” – Marion


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8. Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider takes the bike racing experience to a whole new level. It offers impressive first-person perspectives, superb graphics, and real-life recorded bike sounds and crashes. You have over 20 bikes to choose from and a detailed environment with night and day mode to race through.

Traffic rider has over 100 million downloads and over 5 million 5 star reviews from happy players all around the globe.

Popular Review: “i’ve been riding daily for over 6+ years. This game feels more realistic than any other motorcycle game i’ve played..” – Trenton.


9. Highway Rider

Highway Rider tends to mimic real-life high situations. It, therefore, mainly involves racing past trucks and motors at a very high speed. You’ll need to avoid colliding with other road users as much as possible while increasing your speed and racing through narrow spaces.

It has over 10 million downloads and 5-star recommendations from over 400k players across the globe.

Popular Review: “Awesome game. Good graphics and cool characters” – Gupta


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10. Racing Fevers: Moto

Racing Fevers promises to give you the chill as you race through the maze of city cars on the highway at a mind-blowing speed. The game graphic is excellent and it offers four different camera views for a more realistic gameplay.

This motorcycling game has over 10 million downloads and over 200k 5-star reviews.

Popular Review: “This is the best game in moto and racing category. The one and best thing about this game is that it doesn’t want your money spent on it..” – Xavier.

These are some of the best free bike racing games on Android. If you’ve played an awesome bike stunt game on Android that is totally free and not included in this list, feel free to share it in the comment section below.

Note: All Popular Reviews were gotten from Google Playstore.



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