Complete Airtel Data Plan for Android and Other Smartphones

This post contains the complete list of Airtel free data plan code and Airtel paid data bundles usable on Android phones and other smartphones.

Airtel internet plans are categorized into 3;

  • SmartSPEEDO data plans
  • SmartSPEEDO YouTube packs
  • Unlimited data plans

You can do your Airtel subscription by dialing *141# and select your preferred option from the pop-up, or check below for the appropriate code and subscribe directly.


Airtel Data Plans

1. Airtel SmartSPEEDO Data Plan

This category contains the major Airtel subscription codes that are of interest to most average Nigerians. The codes are for weekly, monthly, and annual subscriptions.


Airtel Daily Subscription

All subscriptions here will expire after a day – except for the few ones I stated their validity periods below their respective data volumes.

Data Volume Amount Code
50MB ₦100 *410#

(3 days)

₦200 *412#

(5 days)

(5MB daily)

₦100 *401#
40MB ₦100 *440*18#
10MB +

20 mins call

+ 20 SMS

₦200 *489*1#


Airtel Weekly Subscription

The subscriptions here will expire after 7 days.

Data Volume Amount Code
350MB ₦300 *417#

(14 days)

₦500 *418#

(10 days –

2G network)

₦200 *482*1#
200MB ₦525 *440*17#


Airtel Monthly Subscription

All subscriptions in this category are valid for 30 days. The only exception is the Social Media plan.

Data Volume Amount Code
160MB Free *400#
1.5GB ₦1000 *496#
3.5GB ₦2000 *437#
5GB ₦2500 *437*1#
7GB ₦3500 *438#
9GB ₦4000 *438*1#
10GB ₦5000 *452#
16GB ₦8000 *460#
3GB ₦1500 *435#


phones only)

₦1000 *431#

Opera +

Social Media

(25 days)

₦300 *885*1#


Airtel Monthly Plan with a Condition

These plans come with a condition. You’ll be given the complete amount of data you subscribe for. But when you use up the data to a certain amount (which is called “data threshold”), your browsing speed will be reduced to 100kbps.

This means that you’d only be able to use the remaining data at a low browsing speed of 100kbps. The validity period of the complete data is 30 days for each of the plans.

The validity period of the complete data is 30 days for each of the plans.

Data Volume Amount Code
1GB +

60mins call

+ 60 SMS

(Threshold is


₦1200 *489*2#
1.2GB +

180 mins call

+ 300 SMS

(Threshold is


₦3000 *489*3#
2.5GB +

300 mins call

+ 500 SMS

(Threshold is


₦5000 *489*4#


Airtel Anual Subscription

These are yearly plans that are valid for 365 days except the first one, which is valid for about half a year.

Data Volume Amount Code
50GB(180 days) ₦36000 *406#
100GB ₦70000 *407#
200GB ₦13600 *408#


2. Airtel SmartSPEEDO YouTube Packs

This is the best plan for you if you’re a YouTube lover. The plan allows you to watch YouTube videos at affordable rates.

You won’t have to worry again about data consumption while streaming the videos. The plans are specifically created for easy viewing of YouTube videos.

SmartSPEEDO YouTube Packs consist of 3 subscription packs; YouTube weekly & monthly packs, YouTube night packs, and YouTube plus packs. Check the details below.

You can subscribe to any of these plans by dialing *323# and follow the instructions. Dial *140# to check your YouTube data balance.

Please note that these packs can only be used to watch YouTube videos but not from other websites. Also, the data cannot be used to browse. YouTube videos only.


Airtel YouTube Weekly & Monthly Packs

YouTube weekly and monthly packs allow you to stream YouTube videos all day and night. You’re good to go as long as your data is not exhausted.

Data Volume Amount Code

(7 days)

₦300 *323*12#

(30 days)

₦400 *323*11#


Airtel YouTube Night Packs

Once you subscribe to this plan, you’ll only be able to stream YouTube videos with your data at night from 1am to 5am.

Data Volume Amount Code

(7 days)

₦150 *323*22#

(30 days)

₦200 *323*21#


Airtel YouTube Plus Pack

This gives you access to stream YouTube videos day and night. The subscriptions are all valid for 30 days.

Data Volume Amount Code
1.5GB ₦1000 *323*31#
3.5GB ₦2000 *323*32#
5GB ₦2500 *323*33#
7GB ₦3500 *323*34#
9GB ₦4000 *323*35#


How to Check YouTube Video Pack Balance

Simply dial *140# to check your YouTube data balance.


3. Airtel Unlimited Data Plans

Airtel Unlimited data plans are indeed unlimited for a period of time. Just that there’s a condition attached to it.

The deal is you’re allowed to use the internet at your usual browsing speed until you get to a data threshold, after which your browsing speed will be adjusted to 256kbps.

This means that if your normal browsing speed is 500kbps, for example, and the data threshold is 40GB – the rate at which you browse would be reduced to 256kbps once you use up to 40GB.

So, you can still use the internet after you reach your data threshold but at an adjusted speed. Check out the subscription details below.


Airtel Unlimited Data Plans
Data Volume Amount Code

Threshold is


₦10000 *462*10#

Threshold is


₦15000 *462*15#

Threshold is


₦20000 *462*20#

You can also subscribe to any of these plans using your debit card, recharge card, or airtime by visiting the Airtel accredited website

Oh … I almost forgot to mention that…

You’ll get a free MiFi when you subscribe to the N20,000 plan. Just go to any Airtel showroom around your area to claim your free gift.

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