Some of These Deep Freezers Can Freeze Your Food For Up to 4 Days without Power Supply

Deep freezers have become important parts of our lives that you hardly find a modern home in Nigeria without it.

It’s not surprising that they’ve become essential gadgets expected to be found alongside electronics like televisions. This is because of our desire to preserve food materials and to consume cold drinks.

Various manufacturers are striving hard to produce more and more for this thriving market. While this is a good development because chest freezers are continually available when needed, we can’t say the same of their quality.

It takes a deep insight into how they function to spot the best ones and note anything fishy about a particular product.

Unfortunately, we can’t rely on names alone to define quality, as top manufacturers have had to deal with fake replicas of their products in the market. 

Having an idea of best products, in most cases, should be combined with an understanding of the appropriate specifications.

I’ve compiled the list of the best deep freezers in Nigeria with their features to help you decide which one to choose when next you want to buy a deep or chest freezer. This is very important whether you want to buy online or you want to will enter a store to pick it up.

The list is made of top brands chosen based on compressor efficiency, sufficient storage space, eco-friendliness and fast freezing.

So, let’s begin.


1. Nexus Chest Freezers

Nexus fuses convenience and efficiency with affordability. It boasts some of the biggest freezers (up to 625 litres) you can find around at moderate prices. Apart from the style, which is always stunning, the interior storage space won’t be easily matched by competitors in the market.

The sizes vary from 150L, 160L, 265L, 410L to 635L. 


Key Features
  • Adjustable thermostat: this helps stored food items maintain their nutritional value by keeping the right balance in temperature, which is good for both the items stored and the freezer.
  • Non-toxic emission: it doesn’t produce the greenhouse-toxic HFC (hydrofluorocarbon) and CFC (chlorofluorocarbon)
  • Removable storage basket
  • Silent operation
  • Even cool distribution: Nexus ensures even cooling within the freezer, unlike many freezers that concentrate coolness on one section over the others. 
Price Range
Starting from



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2. Haier Thermocool Deep Freezer

Haier Thermocool

Haier Thermocool is one of the electronic giants that has managed to become a household name in Nigeria. The company remains at the forefront of freezer retailing despite heavy competition and fake products to deal with.  It has ensured to keep up its reputation for quality and durability ever since its early days.

Thermocool freezers are available everywhere. So also are the fake ones. Before I  highlight the features, you should be observant of the following indicators when buying:

  • Misspelt name. For example, you can find Heiar Thermocool or any other little discrepancy.
  • Name of assembler. It has to be HPZ or nothing else.
Key Features
  • Anti-rust body
  • 75mm insulation thickness
  • 100-hours (4 days) freezing ability after power interruption: the 100-hours freezing ability makes the freezer content stay frozen for up to 4 days even after power-outage
  • Low noise operation
Price Range
Starting from


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3. Hisense Chest Freezers

Hisense Chest Freezer

These chest freezers are most useful when storing large amounts of food. The aesthetic is perfect both for storage and convenience. Hisense freezers feature the fast-freezing quality and also provide a special dual functional tool which switches role to increase the usable range of the freezers.

Key Features
  • Handy wire rack: important as extra space when more is needed
  • Convenient water drain: this solves the water-leaking and drain-clogging case you may experience with many freezers. The design allows you to drain water with ease
  • Mechanical temperature control: the mechanical option lets you control the pace of freezing as you desire. Although, this is automated in some freezers
Price Range
Starting from


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4. Midea Chest Freezers

midea chest freezer

When you need a freezer that effectively merges outstanding performance, style, and durability, Midea is one of the best available. It’s not surprising that their sales are in thousands on Jumia. They have reliable performance, operational convenience, and excellent hygiene. Midea freezers come with an adjustable thermostat and anodized aluminum interior lining.

Key Features
  • Balanced hinge
  • Rollers for easy movement
  • Stainless steel door material
  • Anodized aluminum (interior liner)
  • Smooth cabinet finish
Price Range
Starting from


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5. LG Deep Freezers

LG Chest Freezer

LG leads when it comes to design. Perhaps many people buy because of that. But LG also offers features that have made it one of the market leaders. Their deep freezers exceed the cooling capacity of average freezers by 30%. They also come with inbuilt stabilizers, which clear worries about electricity.

Just like Haier Thermocool, LG freezers come with a technology that maintains the temperature of -18℃ to -1℃ during power-cut, which keeps food fresher and longer.

Key Features
  • Convenient wheels: this enhances mobility. It isn’t common to many freezers
  • Direct cooling: cold-air circulation occurs by a fan blowing from door ceiling so it can freeze stored food faster and easier
Price Range
Starting from


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6. Polystar Chest Freezers

Polyster Chest Freezer

I’ve seen, reviewed, and critic freezers. Polystar stands out for durability. The design and functionalities are meant for both ruggedness and longevity. Built to resist performance inhibitors like unstable power, it focuses on serving the purpose of preservation and storage without interruption.

Key Features
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Manual defrost
  • 100% HFC free & CFC free (as explained earlier under Nexus freezers)
  • Fast freezing ability
Price Range
Starting from


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7. Scanfrost Chest Freezers


Scanfrost Chest Freezer

Scanfrost is one of the brands to beat in Nigeria’s electronic market. Their freezers are both stylish and low-priced with an advanced cooling compressor for optimum cooling performance‎.‎ They come in a white/inox finish‎,‎ removable storage baskets, and lock mechanism‎s.‎

Key Features
  • 4-way cooling: this allows the items in the freezer to get easily saturated, which makes freezing much faster
  • Removable storage baskets
  • 100 hours freezing ability on power outage
  • Stabilizer free operation
Price Range
Starting from



There you have it.

You can now make your choice from the best freezers available in the Nigerian market. Each brand has its uniqueness, durability, design, freezing speed, or some of these qualities combined.


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    please which of the brand of chest freezer is good and affordable?

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    Please help me make a good decision of the best chest freezer to buy. I want a freezer that is durable, extremely fast freeze, hold up frozen items much longer and has a powerful compressor. Thank you

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    thank this article is really helped me now i have an option if later i want to buy a refrigerator


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