How to Register on DSTV Now App

Now you can stream your favorite TV shows wherever you are.

You can stream, download and even check the TV guide for the week.

DSTV Now app makes all that possible.

With the DSTV Now app, you don’t have to worry about missing your favorite TV shows because you won’t miss them.

It is a platform launched by Multichoice to give DSTV subscribers a better access to their favorite channels and TV shows.

The platform is both a web-based and mobile application. This means that it could be accessed via a web browser on your desktop computer as well as on a mobile phone using the mobile app.

DSTV Now service is quite easy to use.

The web application is very similar to the mobile application. They both have similar themes, set-up processes, and content. As such, I’ll be demonstrating how to download, install, and register on the DSTV Now mobile app so that you can easily setup yours and catch up with your favorite TV stations wherever you are.

Just so you know, as long as you’re a DSTV subscriber, you’re qualified to use the service while your subscription is still valid. There’s also a free mode but is only available to South Africans.


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Features of DSTV Now App

1. Live Streaming

With the DSTV live streaming feature, you can watch your favorite channel wherever you are. The streaming feature works like the YouTube video play. Each channels are shown as a little icon with the title of the ongoing show as well as the elapsed time.

You can click on each channel and the video will buffer and then you can start watching your desired show. Note that only those channels available on your decoder will be available to you on the DSTV Now app.


2. TV Guide Schedule

You can now view the TV schedule for each channel as far as 8 days into the ‘future’. The DSTV Now app provides a section that gives details of the shows that will be running on each station throughout the week.

This is aimed at improving your viewing experience by helping you plan effectively so you don’t miss your most wanted programs all because you are caught up with something else at the time the program will be running.


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3. Catch Up

Catch up is my best feature of the DSTV Now app. This feature allows you to watch those programs you’ve already missed. You can go back in a few days and download the programs you miss and watch them again.

With the catch-up feature, you’ll never miss any of your lovely programs again. This service can be used simultaneously across 4 devices. This means your family members can also catch up with their missed programs also. And it allows up to 25 program downloads.


4. DSTV Kids Mode

DSTV kid mode is a safety net that allows you to control your kids’ access on the DSTV Now app. With the kid mode turned on, you can lock certain channels with a four digit code. This way kids won’t be able to view those programs you deem unhealthy for them.

There are lots of other features like the remote recording mode, which allows you to record programs as they happen remotely from your dstv explorer decoder.


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How to Register on DSTV Now App

There are two modes of registration on the DSTV Now app; the normal mode and the free mode.

The normal mode is the one we are concerned about because the free mode is only available to South Africans.

To register for the free mode, you’ll need a South African mobile number. The free mode allows access to certain channels for free. For the normal mode, you’ll need your dstv smartcard number as well as an email address.

Steps to take for the DSTV Now registration:

  • Download the DSTV Now app from Google Playstore for Android or Apple Store for iOS users. If you’re using a web browser on your desktop or mobile phone, log on to
  • Once you’ve installed the app or open the website, click on the ‘Get Started’ button. If you must register using a web browser, I’ll recommend you use a web browser like chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Once you click on the get started button, a new window will come up requesting for your country and your DSTV smartcard number. The country is often chosen by default using your IP. The DSTV smartcard number is the 10 or 11-digit number found at the back of your decoder smartcard. You can also find the smartcard number by pressing the ‘ok’ button on the remote and then select ‘information central’ option using the ok button again. Type this in the space provided and click on the ‘Next’ button.
  • You’ll receive a text message with an OTP for confirmation. Input this and you’re all set to stream content on the DSTV Now app as much as you want.

Hope you find this guide helpful.


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