9mobile (Etisalat) Data Plan Codes for All Devices

Etisalat data plan has taken a new shape ever since the company changed to 9mobile.

This post contains the complete new 9mobile (Etisalat) data subscription codes for Android phones and all other devices.

The list includes cheap and premium plans for small and large-scale data consumption.

Whether you want to browse, chat, download, or stream videos online, you’ll find different plans that suit your desire.

I must say that I consider 9mobile internet packages more expensive than Airtel, MTN, and Glo packages.


9mobile (Etisalat) Data Bundles

The data subscription plans are categorized into 3;

  • Internet bundles – mainly for browsing
  • Smartphone plans – offer internet data plus reduced call tariff
  • Smartpaks – the video and social plan

When you subscribe to any of these plans, your subscription will auto-renew when the validity period is reached – as long as your account balance is up to the subscription amount.

You have nothing to worry about if you don’t exhaust your data; it would be rolled over and would be added to your new subscription. But that’s if the new plan is the same as the old one.

Dial *229*0# to stop auto-renewal if you dislike it (like me).

You can also subscribe to any 9mobile data plan using the USSD code. Dial *200# and choose your preferred option or text “help” to 229 to get the subscription codes via SMS.


1. 9mobile Internet Bundles

This category contains a pool of options you can choose from in order to access the internet day and night or strictly during the day or at night only.


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9mobile Daily Plan

Subscriptions here have a validity period of 24 hours.

Plan Price Code
10MB ₦50 *229*3*8#
40MB ₦100 *229*3*1#
1GB (Night



₦200 *229*3*11#


9mobile Weekend (daily) Plan

The weekend plan is valid from 11:59pm on Friday to 11:59pm on Sunday

Plan Price Code
1GB ₦500 *5995*2#


9mobile Evening & Weekend (monthly) Plan

This plan allows you to browse from 7pm to 7am every day plus the whole of weekends. The validity period is 30 days.

Plan Price Code
2GB ₦1000 *229*3*12#
5GB +




₦2000 *229*3*13#


9mobile Weekly Plan

This plan has a validity period of 7 days.

Plan Price Code
150MB ₦200 *229*2*10#


9mobile Monthly Plan

These subscription plans are valid for 30 days.

Plan Price Code
500MB ₦500 *229*2*12#
1GB ₦1000 *229*2*7#
1.5GB ₦1200 *229*2*25#
2.5GB ₦2000 *229*2*8#
4GB ₦3000 *229*2*35#
5.5GB ₦4000 *229*2*36#
11.5GB ₦8000 *229*2*5#
15GB ₦10000 *229*4*1#
27.5GB ₦18000 *229*4*3#
100GB ₦84992 *229*4*5#


9mobile Quarterly Plan

The quarterly plan has a validity period of 90 days.

Plan Price Code
 30GB  ₦27500  *229*5*1#


9mobile Bi-annual Plan

9mobile bi-annual plan is valid for 120 days only.

Plan Price Code
 60GB  ₦55000  *229*5*2#


9mobile Annual Plan

The annual plan is for 365 days.

Plan Price Code
 120GB  ₦110000  *229*5*3#


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2. 9mobile Smartphone Plans

This is a 2-in-1 package that offers you internet data and a call rate of 20k/s to any network with no access fee. Your charges will be reverted to 40k/s when you opt-out of the plan.

The validity period is one month (30 days) and the opt-out code is *229*0#.

Plan Price Code
500MB ₦500 *229*2*11#
1GB ₦1000 *229*2*22#
2.5GB ₦2000 *229*2*44#
5GB ₦3500 *229*2*33#
11.5GB ₦8000 *229*2*55#


3. 9mobile Smartpaks

Smartpaks gives you hourly, daily, and weekly internet access to chat and stream videos from any app. It is subdivided into 4; chat pak, social me pak, video pak, and special smart pak.


Chat Pak

Chat pak gives you access to WhatsApp, BBM, and WeChat.

Plan Price Code
Daily ₦50 *343*5*5#
Weekly ₦150 *343*5*6#
Monthly ₦400 *343*5*7#


Social Me Pak

This plan grants you access to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, BBM, Eskimi, and WeChat.

Plan Price Code
Daily ₦100 *343*6*7#
Weekly ₦300 *343*6*8#
Monthly ₦700 *343*6*9#


Video Pak

You can watch up to 2 hours video from any app with the video pak.

Plan Price Code
2-hours ₦400 *229*3*5#


Special Smart Pak

The first plan gives you access to BBM, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat while the second one provides access to BBM, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WeChat, Eskimi, and Kakao Talk.

Plan Price Code
Weekly ₦500 (with

1.5GB data


Weekly ₦700 (with

2GB data


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