Cheap Online Flight Ticket Booking in Nigeria

Flight booking online in Nigeria is not only easier but faster and more convenient.

Like every other transaction done over the internet, online flight booking can be done from the comfort of your home provided you have an internet access.

Major online flight booking platforms allow you to book your flight and pay securely using your ATM cards.

Some even allow for remote flight rescheduling and canceling while a few offer hotel reservation services, which I believe can come pretty handy if you’re traveling for the first time.

As a tip, you should always book your flight as soon as you have the thought of traveling out of the country or to another state. This has two advantages: it ensures your schedule will be met and most importantly, you will get a good discount when you book your flight way ahead of your traveling time. That’s how airlines operate.

They give good discounts for early flight bookings. Using the online platform also qualifies you for a good discount as online flight booking in Nigeria is often cheaper.

You might want to compare prices from some of the major airlines before buying tickets from a particular one.

Airlines are free to fix their ticket prices as they deem fit.

As such, prices to the same destination will vary and some might be offering juicy discounts which you may not be aware of. In such a case, it’s best you find time to compare prices before buying a ticket.

Comparing prices for flights might probably sound tedious and a bit time consuming, but not when done with a free service like Travelstart, Flight Scanner, Wakanow, or Jumia Travels.


Because a service like Travelstart can show you the prices of all major airlines in Nigeria within a few seconds and at just a few clicks all for free. Yes, you won’t pay a dime for using Travelstart.

So, before rushing off to book your flight online with some of the best online flight booking platforms which I’ll be listing here, ensure you visit any of the comparison platforms first, then search for the airline with the best price for your destination before you proceed with your booking.


Where to Get Cheap Flight Tickets in Nigeria

1. Arik Air

Arik Air offers customers the most flexible online flight booking in Nigeria. This is because their services tend to cover all ramifications of traveling right from the point of flight booking to securing payments for flight tickets.

Arik Air online booking platform supports secure payments with debit cards and tickets printout. There’s also a section for you to view flight schedules and also calculate your potential booking costs. The platform, however, does not support flight rescheduling or canceling. To do either of these, you’ll need to call or visit the company’s local office.

To book your flight online securely, visit Arik official website and you’ll be shown a platform where you’ll be provided with a drop-down menu to pick out your flight options. The process is quite easy and you can even book your flight right now and then pay later.


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2. Dana Air

Dana Air should have been the number one online flight booking platform on my list but lately, the company has been in the news not for very good reasons. But that doesn’t mean it’s online flight booking platform is in a mess. No.

Dana online flight booking platform even offers more than Arik Air.

Unlike Arik Air, Dana allows customers to reschedule their flights for later days or even cancel their flights by just typing in the last three digits on their tickets on the company’s e-ticket booking platform. No need for calling or visiting the local office.

Another good thing about Dana Air online flight booking is its visible flight schedules. You don’t have to search out like other airline platforms. Dana Air schedules for the day are always well displayed on the website.

You can book your tickets on the company’s website using the secure payments option and also decide if you want your ticket to be one-way or a return ticket. Visit the website and you’ll find the process as easy as eating pie.


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4. Aero Contractors

The Fly Aero online flight booking platform is pretty basic. Since all you’ll be doing is booking a flight, you can as well go with it but don’t expect loud features like rescheduling or canceling. For those, you’ll need to make phone calls or visit the local office.

The layout of the platform is quite easy and I really found the FAQ quite helpful. I believe it’ll be of great help especially if you ever run into any problem while booking your flight. Fly Aero also supports online check-ins like the others. So, if you don’t want to join the long queue at the airport before boarding your flight, you can make use of the online check-in service.


5.Medview Airline

Medview Airline is another online flight booking platform in Nigeria you might want to check out.

Medview offers the basics: online flight booking, secure payments and a very helpful guide on how to book your flight online using the platform.

Medview also offers a hotel booking service which can come really handy especially if you have no idea how the country you are visiting will be like. This guide is not focused on hotel booking so I didn’t bother to check the hotel booking service in detail. I’ll, however, recommend you do your homework before booking a hotel. After all, it’s where you’ll be spending most of your time; make sure you get the best deals.


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6. Air Peace

I love that Air Peace went straight to the point. When you visit the website, the booking platform is well displayed and centralized; you won’t miss it. It’s very basic and does not allow for flight reschedule or cancelation.

Air Peace also offers hotel reservation services like Medview, but I’ll recommend you carry out a diligent research about hotel reservations before settling down with anyone.


Wrap Up

Most airline online booking platforms will display their ticket rates but as I said earlier, it’s best you use a price comparison tool to find the best deals and promo codes especially if you want to knock off a few thousand Naira.

There are plenty of tools out there: Jumia Travels, Wakanow, Travelstart, Flight Scanner, and so on. Check them out and find the best one that meets your needs, and stick to it.

Each time you want to travel, visit the tool and compare prices. Then go book your flight on the airline with the best deals. I’ve heard Travelstart offers some of the best hotel reservation services, so you might want to check with them.

Hope you find this post helpful. Feel free to share your flight booking experience via the comment section.

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