Full Review of the Convertible HP Pavilion X360 Laptop & Price in Nigeria

Upfront, HP Pavilion X360 is an interesting device that combines the functionality of both a laptop and tablet.

Pavilion X360 is both a workstation and a playstation as it combines the work-oriented nature of a laptop with the fun functionality of a tablet.

So, whether you’re looking for a device to take care of your workload or one to really have some fun with, the HP X360 is a perfect solution.


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Key Features

  • Display Size: 15.6 inches
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 (7th Generation) 7200U/2.5GHz
  • RAM: 12GB
  • Hard Drive: 1 TB HDD
  • Maximum Turbo Speed: 3.1GHz
  • Number of Cores: Dual-Core
  • Computing: 64-bit
  • OS: Windows 10


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As far as laptop design is concerned, the Pavilion X360 is no different from the standard design. What’s different, however, is the 360° flip feature.

HP Pavillion X360

The body is all plastic save the top areas, which are made of metals. The screen is surrounded by standard size bezels which, I believe is not too tasty for a tablet, but in the laptop mode, the bezel is excellent.

The laptop weighs around 1.7kg, which I think is fairly lightweight for a laptop. But remember the Pavilion X360 is no ordinary laptop, it’s also a tablet and you’ll probably find the weight a little inconvenient when the tablet mode is on.

The keyboard is great, though a little too soft but works fine and you’ll enjoy working on it.

As you must have known, it’s a touchscreen laptop and the touchscreen is really amazing. It’s super fast and accurate. To seal an already good deal, the laptop comes with a pen.

Due to the accuracy of touches on the screen, the HP Pavilion be used for drawing or any graphic design.


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Display and Audio

The HP Pavilion X360 comes with a 15.6-inch screen having a 1366 x 768 resolution.

HP Pavillion X360

While the 15.6-inch screen is pretty standard and acceptable as the most convenient screen size for either a work or play laptop, the 1366 x 768 resolution is quite disappointing. For a good deal as this device, one would actually expect the resolution to be more.

The audio output is impressive. It features Bang & Olufsen Audio with stereo speakers. The output is so high that you can conveniently crank up the volume and listen to music without earphones. Games and movies sound also come out fine.


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Running on 7th generation Intel Core i5, one cannot say of the HP Pavilion X360 as a cutting-edge technology. I mean there are some other laptops in the same category sporting Intel core i7 as processors, and one could have expected that much from HP too but, disappointingly, the Pavilion X360 comes with a Core i5 processor.

The HP Pavilion X360 sports Intel Core i5-7200U CPU, 8GB RAM and a 1TB storage with a 5,400 rpm. It also features a Nvidia GeForce 940MX GPU, which is not really impressive but probably all you’ll ever need.

Overall, the performance of the laptop is satisfactory for the price.

The port selection includes an SD card slot, an HDMI, two USB 3.0, one USB 3.1, one Type-C and a 3.5mm combo jack.


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Battery Life

The battery life is really awesome. It is able to stand a 7-hour browsing and streaming using a Wi-Fi connection.



  • Attractive design
  • Above average battery life
  • Excellent speakers
  • Bright and responsive touchscreen



  • Bezels are too thick for a typical tablet
  • 5,400 rpm HDD is a bottleneck for performance


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Final Verdict

The HP Pavilion X360 is probably the laptop you’re looking for. Sure, you might be a heavy gamer or love streaming a lot; the Pavilion can handle all that impressively. With a good battery life on its side, the device is an excellent 2-in-1 piece for both heavy work and tough plays.

Get it here: HP Pavilion X360

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