Prices of Mikano Generators in Nigeria

Looking for a generator for industrial application? Consider getting a Mikano Generator.

Mikano is the leading provider of industrial generators in Nigeria.

It’s a reputable company in Nigeria that assembles its generator from parts manufactured by other reputable companies from abroad.

Whether you’re looking for a generator with large power output for industrial, bank, schools, home or street use, Mikano Generators are guaranteed to meet your needs, plus they’re very efficient and reliable.

In this review, I provide you with a detailed guide and Mikano Generator prices in Nigeria. Note that prices here are subject to change without notice as they’re dependent on forces of demand and supply.


What to Consider Before Buying a Mikano Generator

There are lots of things you’ll want to consider before buying a Mikano generator. I’ve carefully omitted most because they’re minor reasons and I believe you must have considered them before making your mind.

For instance, you’ll need a good space to install your generator since it’s quite large. I believe you must have thought about that. But if you haven’t, well, now you know.

You need a good space to install your generator, plus a good cover over it. You can decide to make a roof over it.

Aside space, you need to understand your power needs. Most Mikano generators have a large power output which, I believe, will meet your industrial, school, or home power needs. Nevertheless, get an estimate of your power consumption. This way, you’ll determine the appropriate KVA to go for. You can easily get an engineer to help you handle this.

This step is crucial because if you get a generator with an output less than your power consumption, you won’t be able to use all your gadgets at the same time.


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Soundproof Generator VS Open Generator

Mikano generators come in two different forms: soundproof or open.

The engines of soundproof Mikano generators are usually concealed in a metallic box. This prevents the emission of excessive noise from the engine. Most times, the noise level is so low that you’ll have to walk very close to it before you can be sure it’s actually running.

Due to low noise emissions, soundproof Mikano generators are suitable for schools, hospitals and other organizations that do not require much noise. Because they are soundproof, they are more expensive. You should, therefore, expect to pay more for them.

The engines of open Mikano generators are exposed and, therefore, have no soundproof system covering them. These generators make very loud noise and are suitable for heavy industrial use where the noise level is not a problem. If you plan using this in a hospital, home or school, then, it should be situated far from the residence.


Diesel-powered VS Gas-powered

As expected, industrial generators should run on cheap fuel to reduce costs of operation.

Mikano generators run on two types of fuel — natural gas and diesel. If you’re in a business that has zero tolerance for sudden power outage like a hospital, consider getting a gas- powered Mikano generator as they are more efficient and reliable.

However, if little glitches in power supply are not much of a problem, you might want to go for the more popular diesel-powered Mikano generator. Diesel-powered generators are cheaper and easier to maintain than gas-powered ones.


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Mikano Generators Specs and Prices

KVA is a generator’s total power output. The more KVA you want the more you should be willing to pay.

The lowest priced Mikano Generator is:

  • 9 KVA Mikano Generator

It has the lowest output and costs around ₦2,770,000.

You have lots of options if you need more KVA. Mikano has other configurations like:

  • 13 KVA Mikano generator
  • 15 KVA Mikano generator
  • 20 KVA Mikano generator
  • 30 KVA Mikano generator

For any of these, you should have a budget ranging from ₦2,990,000 to ₦4,000,000.

There are still other configurations like:

  • 40 KVA Mikano generator
  • 50 KVA Mikano generator
  • 60 KVA Mikano generator
  • 65 KVA Mikano generator
  • 80 KVA Mikano generator

For these categories, you should have a budget within the range of ₦4,480,000 to ₦5,655,000.

For other configurations in the hundreds like:

  • 100 KVA Mikano generator
  • 800 KVA Mikano generator

You should have a budget from around ₦6,480,000 to ₦52,380,000.


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Why You Should Go for a Mikano Generator in Nigeria

While being the most popular provider of industrial generators in Nigeria, Mikano is not the only provider. There are others like Hyundai, kipor, and so on. So, why should you go for a Mikano generator in Nigeria?


1. Varied Capacity to Meet Your Power Needs

Mikano generators are made to cater for a wide range of power needs. They have generators with output ranging from low 9 KVA to 5,000 KVA output.

With this varied range, you can actually pay for a product that meets your needs without overspending on ones with a large output which you don’t really need.


2. Specially Crafted for the Nigerian Climate

Mikano Generators are assembled right here in Nigeria with parts made by reputable companies in the UK. This gives you a rugged generator that can stand the rough weather of Nigeria.


3. After Sales Support

Mikano offers a good after sales support to customers. After sales support may include training of technicians to maintain your generator, installation, and so on.


4. Custom Made Option

You can request a custom generator to be built for you. Remember the generators are assembled right here in Nigeria, so, you can easily request for some features which may not be present in your set to be installed. For instance, if you buy a Mikano open generator, you can request for a soundproof cover again or you can request for a system such as quick on and off to be installed for you.

Mikano generators are currently the best industrial generators in Nigeria. If you’re looking for an alternative power supply for your business whether a manufacturing industry, bank, school, or hospital, then you should go for a Mikano generator.


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