How to Download and Install Mobdro App for Android

Now you can watch live matches on your Android phone using Mobdro app.

Mobdro app is an Android app that lets you stream live matches from your smartphone.

The app is easy to set up. It’s absolutely free and does not require any signup or additional mobile extension.

This post guides you on a step-by-step basis on how to watch live matches on your Android device using the Mobdro app. It also provides you with a list of some of the most common streaming problems encountered on the app and a fix for each.

Mobdro is the number one app for watching live matches on smartphones.

Matches are usually available in high definition formats such as 360p and 720p. While this allows you to enjoy each live match, it also consumes a lot of mobile data.

But this should be no problem at all since you’re not paying any cable bill or In-App subscription to watch the live matches. After all, you can watch your match wherever you are.


How to Watch Live Matches on Android Using the Mobdro App

You need to download and install the Mobdro app on your phone to watch live matches on your Android phone.


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How to Download and Install Mobdro App

Mobdro app is no longer available on Google Play Store, so you’ll need to find and download it using Google search engine. Simply search for “Mobdro apk latest version” and download from a secure site like apk4fun or apkpure.

After downloading the app, install it on your mobile phone. Tap on the apk you’ve just downloaded and a prompt screen will come up asking if you’d like to install the app. Tap install now.

If you have not allowed installation from unknown sources before, you’ll be prompted to do so. Simply follow the direction to enable installation from unknown sources.

After installation, you can then start streaming live matches on your phone. The process is quite easy and all you’ll need to worry about will be the strength of your internet connection. The strength of your internet connection is very important as it will allow the match to buffer quickly as well as prevent glitches and freezing.


How to Stream Live Matches On Your Smartphone

To stream live matches, turn on your internet connection (put it to 4G or 3G) and tap on the Mobdro app from your app menu.

Mobdro app is an “all-purpose” app. It allows you to watch various tv shows and programs from around the world. You can watch tv series, music shows, and so on. As such, there are lots of channels on Mobdro.

But I’m only focusing on watching live matches since that’s our major concern. You can always play around if you want to watch other TV shows.

To watch live matches, simply navigate to the apps menu and tap on ‘Categories’

This will show a list of the various TV show categories such as Anime and TV series. Tap on SPORT from the category; this will provide you with a list of various sports channels from around the world.

The only problem you’ll have with Mobdro is the ability to find channels showing the match you’ll like to stream. Mobdro does not provide any way for you to find the match being played on each channel. This leaves you with the option to try a bunch of channels to find the ones showing the match you’ll like to watch.

However, you’ll become very conversant with it with frequent use and you can always create a list of the various channels which shows your favorite sports leagues.


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Mobdro Live Match Streaming Problems and How to Fix Them

This is an internet-dependent app and, like most streaming apps, you’ll face a few problems while trying to watch your favorite match. Below I’ve listed a few problems most people encounter while using Mobdro app and how to easily resolve them quickly so that you don’t miss the match.


How to Fix “Live Stream is Currently Offline”

This is the first issue most users often complain about. The issue is often related to users location. As such, changing your location will help resolve the issue.

To change your location is quite easy; simply download a good VPN app like the Opera VPN from Google Play Store and change your internet location to a new country. Note that some VPN often reduce your internet speed which in turn can affect the quality of the app streaming. Therefore, only use good VPN that does not influence your internet speed.


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How to Fix Mobdro “Parse Error”

This error is common among those using the app on Android devices running the Android 4.0 version or less. Mobdro app is compiled to run on android version 4.1 upward. So, upgrading your Android OS should resolve this issue.


How to Fix Empty Category List on Mobdro

Sometimes you’ll find an empty category list on Mobdro. This problem is often as a result of your network configuration. To resolve, you’ll need to configure your network settings to use Google Public DNS. This is quite easy to set up.

Simply download a DNS Changer App from the Playstore. Launch it, select Google DNS, and start the connection. Once the app connects, minimize it and launch the Mobdro app.


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How to Fix Mobdro Download Problems

Mobdro allows you to download your favorite TV shows so that you can watch them offline at your own convenience. However, lots of users have been complaining about download problem while using the app. To fix this problem:

  • Go to Setting>Apps/Manage Apps
  • Scroll down until you find the Mobdro app
  • Tap on it and clear the app data as well as its cache, then restart the app again

With the Mobdro app, you don’t have to worry about missing your favorite matches all because you are not at home or forgot to pay your cable bills. With Mobdro, you can watch your favorite matches live wherever you are using your android phone.

I’ve also written a post on how to stream tv shows for free using the DSTV Now app. Feel free to check it out as it also allows you to watch matches as they happen on your Android phone.



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