Best Free Offline Android Games to Download

Games are always a great mood changer and can help keep a boring day fun.

Unfortunately, some Android games rely on the internet.

This is because most of these games are free and for the developers to make money from their effort, they limit these games to function online where they can display ads.

The problem is, not every gamer has a constant connection to the internet and sometimes the connection can be so bad that gaming becomes almost impossible.

Personally, I’ve encountered unstable internet connections which make gaming almost impossible. And really, it’s quite frustrating.

In this post, I outline some of the best offline games for Android. I’ve tried a bunch of offline games over the years and – though, they are nothing like online games – I was really impressed as most of the games on this list came with impressive graphics and tough plays.


Top 5 Offline Games For Android 2018

1. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Offline Android gamers swear by Asphalt 8 Airborne. The game is everything a racing game should be and then went overboard with so much picks, options, and play modes.

Asphalt 8 has over 6 million 5-star reviews on Google Playstore with over 100 million players around the world. It is one of the editor’s top picks. You know what that means? The best game in its category. Also, its the number 8 amongst racing games on Playstore.

On Asphalt 8, you’ll race in the hottest competition and in the most realistic road scenery in some of the best cars and bikes ever created in the virtual world. Yes, asphalt 8 features both car and bike racing. There are over 220 cars and bikes for you to drive and you are free to customize your machines as much as you want. Surely, this game has to be on your list of must play Android offline games.

It comes with in-app purchases as a way to compensate developers for their effort. The game is totally free though.

Popular Review: “This game (Asphalt 8) is undoubtedly the best on Android, an epic masterpiece of presentation by gameloft…”(Mittal, 2018).


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2. Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers needs no introduction. The game is literally addictive and promises so much fun. It’s quite challenging and the graphic design is one of the best I’ve seen so far in offline games for Android.

For the records, Subway Surfers has over 1 billion downloads from Playstore and over 21 million 5-star reviews. It is an editor’s top pick and rated as the top free offline Android game on Playstore.

There are lots of exciting characters that you’ll need to unlock as you win more coins; keys to your health. And of course, you must run fast enough to escape from grumpy inspector and his dog.

However, not too fast so as not to collide with oncoming trains. Pick the magnet to attract coins wherever you are, the super boots to jump higher, the jetpack to fly above, the boosters for a head start, and the mystery box for your secret rewards.

Subway Surfers is a pack of adrenaline filled with so much fun. It comes with lots of in-app purchase but free to play. And as long as you can dodge oncoming trains and pickup coins, you’ll have no cause to purchase anything except you want to.

Popular Review: “… This game is very very addictive. Once I had installed this game I couldn’t put it down. It was so hard for me to put the phone down…” (Dalvi)


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3. Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is another game you might want to try out if you love racing games a lot. Currently, it is an editor’s pick on Playstore. It has more than 200 million players around the world and over 4 million 5-star reviews.

Real Racing 3 comes with 39 circuits at 17 different real world locations. There are a total of 43 car grids and over 100 cars modeled after real life cars from top manufacturers around the world.

When it comes to racing in Real Racing 3, you have everything you’ll ever need; real time multiplayer, social leaderboard, time trials, night racing modes, and so on. It comes with an in-app purchase to unlock some features.

Popular Review: ” (real racing 3) sets the new standard on mobile for the racing games” (Pocket Gamer, 9/10, gold award).


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4. Noblemen: 1896

If you’re into action games (shooting), Noblemen is your best bet for a free offline android game. You’re a noble man and must lead your army to war. But not only to the war front, you must ensure their victory!

The game features an 1896 war scenery in which Saber wielding calvary enemies come for you and your army. Your army must fight through with enemies at your front and enemy drones hovering just behind you fully loaded with bombs and ammunition.

Noblemen is everything you’re looking for in a shooting game. It features intense shooter combat, an alternate 1896 reality, incredible battle scale, innovative campaigns, and so on.

For the records, Noblemen is not another wacky offline games on playstore. It has over 5 million downloads, over 60 thousand glowing 5-star reviews, and is an editor’s top pick. It comes with in-app purchase.

Popular Review: “Just about everything about this game is great. The gameplay, the story, and the reward system are well thought out and it’s easy to grab both gold and silver…” (Whitehouse, 2018).


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5. Modern Combat 5

If you must play any offline first person shooter game on Android apart from Noblemen: 1896, it definitely should be Modern Combat 5. It has been around for a long time. I remember playing this game for the first time on Nokia Asha 200. Then, it was quite fun and here I am again playing it on my smartphone.

Modern Combat 5 is quite addictive and allows you to lead your crews to mission. You’ll be sent to rescue various important personalities including the president himself. The beauty of this game is its impressive graphics and great options for players. You can decide to go on a mission alone or go with a crew of nine of your own choosing.

Modern Combat 5 has over 100 million downloads on Google Playstore. It is the 6th trending top free games with over 2 million 5-star reviews. It comes with an in-app purchase but is basically a game you can play for free without paying a dime.

Popular Review: “ Best FPS games I have ever seen, I had so much fun while playing this game and the story mode is amazing” (Aariz)

These are my top 5 free offline games for Android.

Feel free to share your best offline Android games in the comment box below. They may be included in this list if they’re superb.

Note: all popular reviews were gotten from Google Playstore.

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  • October 29, 2018 at 3:21 pm

    wow thanks for this list.

    I think ill need to try that asphalt 8. but let me sub first.

    have you tried special forces group 2? that game is awesome. its offline too.

    • October 30, 2018 at 8:41 am

      I haven’t tried it. I guess I should do that soon.


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