How to Download and Run PES 19 ISO on Android Using PPSSPP App

This post gives you a step by step guide on how to play the latest version of Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2019 on your Android phone using the PPSSPP app.

Running your favorite PES game on Android is no longer a new thing.

For most of us long time game lovers, the experience has been worthwhile.

Personally, I love the idea that I can move around with my favorite PSP games in my pocket and play them at every chance I get.

To do this, you’ll need to perform some setups on your smartphone.

I’ll provide you with some of the tools (files, apps) you’ll need to run the latest version of PES 19 on your Android phone. I’ll also provide you with a detailed step-by-step guide on how to run the game on your smartphone right from the point of download down to enjoying your PES 2019 game.


A Little Information About PES 2019 Game

PES 19 is the latest version of the PES game series. It is not really out yet, at least officially. It’ll be released around September 2018, just as the previous version, PES 18 was released around the same period in 2017.

So, what are you getting?

You’ll be getting the PES 19; one developed by passionate game lovers like us who could no longer sit on their hands waiting for the official 2019 version.

The PES 19 is unlike anything we’ve seen before in the PES game series. Yes, it comes with better stadiums and players have been specially and carefully programmed to mimic the real-life character they represent.

It has never been this better.

More countries have now been added and you can even start your own FIFA world cup tournament plus, the commentators’ voices are the best I’ve heard so far in all of PES games series. You’ll also be able to customize your players’ kits and so on.

The PES 19 is definitely the best in the update so far.


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How Do You Run PES On Your Android Phone?

Running the PES 19 on your Android phone is quite easy. First off, let’s run through a list of requirements which I believe is quite crucial for your success.


Android System Requirements

  • Android 4.0 or Higher

To run the PES 19 on your Android phone, you must ensure your Android phone is running on Android 4.0 or any other higher version.

  • 3GB RAM or More

For a better performance, ensure your phone’s RAM is up to 3GB. Remember the bigger the RAM, the smoother the experience. Lower RAM devices may play but will most likely be filled with lots of frustrating lags and freezing.


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Required Files

  • PES 19 ISO File

The PES 19 ISO is the game software which will be run on your Android phone. You can download it here.

  • PPSSPP app

The PPSSPP app is an android app that allows you to play the PES 19 on your Android phone. The is available for free in Google Playstore. There’s also a premium version. But I’ll recommend you try the free version and only upgrade if you are happy with it.

  • File explorer

File explorer helps you manage your files. For this emulation, you’ll need a file explorer that can unzip compressed files. Ex file explorer is my favorite tool for this. It does the job really well. You can download it from Playstore.


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How To Run PES 19 ISO File On Your Android Phone

I believe you have downloaded and installed all the necessary tools for this operation (PPSSPP app, es file explorer, and the PES 19 ISO).

Note that you cannot install the PES 19 ISO file on your Android. It’s a compressed file. Just download it and keep the directory in mind.

To run the PES 19 ISO…

  • Open the Ex file explorer. Locate the PES 19 ISO file you downloaded earlier on.
  • Long press it and select ‘extract to’ from the menu option. Then click OK to extract.
  • Once your file has been extracted, you can safely delete the compressed file to free up some space. Although, I often recommend the file be left alone until your game is running. This way, you can always go back to it anytime you make a mistake.
  • Now create a new directory (SD>PSP>Game) on your SD card using the Ex file explorer. Simply tap on the ‘+’ sign and select ‘folder’ to do this. Rename it as PSP. Once created, open the newly created folder again and tap the ‘+’ sign and create another one, rename it as Game.
  • Now move the decompressed PES 19 ISO file to the “Game” folder. Once you have done that, close the file explorer.

The next step after setting up your PES 19 ISO file on your Android phone is to launch the PPSSPP app, which I believe you have already downloaded from Playstore.

  • Open the PPSSPP app and click on Game.
  • You’ll find a list of all the PSP ISO files you have installed on your device. Since the PES 19 ISO File is the only one currently on your device, it’ll be the only game you’ll find there.
  • Tap on it and it’ll start loading immediately. Get ready for some real fun.

I hope this helps you to catch as much fun as you desire. Feel free to share your experience or any ideas in the comment box.

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