Price List of Popcorn Machines for Commercial & Personal Use

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re looking for a popcorn machine for your popcorn business or a portable popcorn machine for making popcorn at home.

I’ve developed this guide and divided it into various sections to meet your needs.

If you’re going to buy a popcorn machine, it’s best you consider your needs first.

Typically, the commercial popcorn machines are bulkier, produce a large amount of popcorn at a time and, at the same time, are more expensive.

There are lots of portable popcorn machines in Nigeria that you can actually operate in your kitchen or even right there on your dining table. But few persons are actually aware of this.

If you plan to host a family party, or even for your kid’s birthday, you can go for one of such since these portable popcorn machines are quite cheap, easy to operate and produce good quality popcorns.

I’ve divided this review of some of the best popcorn machines in Nigeria into two obvious categories: large popcorn machines for commercial use and portable popcorn machines for home/private use.


A. Popcorn Machines for Popcorn Business in Nigeria

Popcorn business is amongst one of the fastest growing industries in Nigeria. That’s a fact. But the location is very important. If you can get a good location, then you can easily make some money.

However, before you start, you’ll obviously need to invest in a popcorn machine.

For most new business owners like you, cost price is a huge factor in their choice of machine. I believe that price always plays an important role in anything we want to invest in.

While I believe you should stay within your budget, you should, however, ensure you go for the best you can afford. Also, if you find one that’s good enough, it’s better you wait and save for it. Remember you’ll have competition in the market.

Below, I’ve collected and reviewed some of the best popcorn machines in Nigeria for starting your popcorn business.


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1. Universal Popcorn Machine

Popcorn machine show glass

This popcorn machine is amongst the cheapest popcorn machines in Nigeria. It comes with a roof and a spotlight. So, you can actually operate this in a dark area. However, you’ll need an electric supply for this machine to function. So you should consider investing in one of the cheap generators.

The pot for making your popcorn is hung just a little below the roof. The beauty of the pot is that it is non-sticky; this way, you won’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning it up even if your corn gets burnt accidentally.

Price Range
Starting from ₦70,000


2. Black Top Popcorn Machine

Black Top Popcorn Machine

This is another popcorn machine you should consider going for if you look forward to starting your popcorn business right here in Nigeria.

The machine is quite similar to the above-listed machine; it comes with a non-sticky stainless steel pot which makes it heat faster and easier to clean after each day. It also comes with a bigger popcorn making capacity, hence, produces a larger amount of popcorn.

Price Range
Starting from ₦56,000


3. Flat Top Popcorn Machine

Flat top popcorn making machine

This flat top popcorn machine comes with a warmer to keep your popcorn from getting cold if its not been served immediately after making it.

It also comes with a non-stick pot and a scoop for scooping out your popcorn.

Price Range
Starting from ₦60,000


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4. Popcorn Machine with Wheels

popcorn machine show glass wheels

This one of the cheapest commercial popcorn machines in Nigeria.

You should go for this if you’re quite low on budget and want to start small.

The machine is quite excellent at making popcorn but the capacity is small, which means you’ll put in more effort at making a larger amount of popcorn.

The pot is made from stainless steel and is non-sticky plus it comes with a wheel for easy movement. You can actually push this from one place to another with ease.

Price Range
Starting from ₦15,000


5. Popcorn Machine With Cart

popcorn machine with cart

This is one of the best popcorn machines in Nigeria and the most expensive too.

No, it doesn’t produce better tasting popcorn than the above-listed machines; the taste of your popcorn actually depends on your ingredients and how you make it, not on the machine you use.

However, this popcorn machine comes with a lot of peripheral parts that will actually make your job easier and faster. For instance, it comes with a large popcorn making capacity and can produce around 200 bags of popcorn at a time. It also comes with a measuring cup, warming compartment, scoop, and ingredients storage compartments.

Price Range
Starting from ₦195,000


6. Yellow Popcorn Machine

Universal popcorn machine - yellow

Price Range
Starting from ₦72,000


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B. Portable Popcorn Machines for Making Popcorn At Home

You don’t have to go out each time you want to enjoy your popcorn. You can actually make yours right from the comfort of your home on the kitchen table using a portable popcorn machine.

Portable popcorn making machine can come handy when you need popcorn especially for a family movie night, kids’ birthday party, or to watch movies with friends.

These portable popcorn making machines are quite easy and pretty straightforward to operate plus they do not require much effort to maintain and, yes, they are very portable – can be locked in your kitchen drawers!

However, they are quite limiting especially if you want to use lots of ingredients to make your popcorn taste better. For instance, you cannot use oil for making your popcorn since it might cause damages to the tiny electronic parts.

Ideally, the portable popcorn machines are meant to provide popcorn for families when the need arises. So, you can easily go for one of these if you are not after making fancy popcorn.


1. Mini Household Electric Popcorn Maker

Household electric popcorn maker

Price Range
Starting from ₦20,000


2. Mothers Choice Mini Popcorn Maker

Mothers choice popcorn maker

Price Range
Starting from ₦11,500


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3. Baseball Household Popcorn Machine

Household baseball popcorn machine

Price Range
Starting from ₦20,000


4. Basketball Household Popcorn Making Machine

Household basketball popcorn machine

Price Range
Starting from ₦20,000


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5. Football Household Popcorn Making Machine

Household football popcorn machine

Price Range
Starting from ₦20,000


Making popcorn whether for business or family consumption has never been easier, thanks to the plethora of popping machines available on the market and at a very affordable price too.

If you’re looking for some of the best popcorn machines in Nigeria for starting your popcorn business, then the above are some of your best options.

For individuals looking for ways to easily make popcorn at home, investing in one of these portable popcorn machines can save you a lot of time and effort. You can easily make your popcorn once friends or kids want them.


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    Please do you know of any where in Lagos where they sell one of those Ball popcorn makers, I really need one of those for my son’s upcoming birthday.

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    The size of the popper machine will determine how many cups of popcorn you can make. It is never a good idea to overfill a popcorn machine because it can cause jamming or heat and steam to build up.

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    Hello mr fouad,
    Pls where in nigeria (lagos) can one get commercial popcorn machine of 250volts and amount or popcorn machine with cart like the one you mentioned in this article


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