Various Sumec Firman Generator Series (SPG, ECO, FPG, TS, & RD) Reviewed Here

With the increasing lack of power supply for the urban areas in Nigeria, a good alternative is the use of a generator.

The generator industry has done us a lot of good by providing for us our own stable “PHCN”.

We no longer need to depend on the national power grid for electricity, and we can have power anytime and for as long as we want it without interruption.

One of the best types of generators you can hope for in Nigeria is the Sumec generator.

There are numerous generator brands in Nigeria, but this article is solely focused on Sumec generators. There are other options like the durable Honda generators and the powerful Elepaq generators. I also made a list of some of the small generators in Nigeria starting from as low as ₦25,000.

When it comes to picking a model of generators from Sumec, you might face a major hurdle of indecision; the company has lots of models to cater for various power needs and that’s why I have put this article together to help you find one that meets your needs and budget.



Reasons Why You Should Choose Sumec Generators

  • Durability

Sumec generators are made with one hundred percent copper and some models even include an enameled wire, which makes them highly durable. The models made for industrial use even come with a factory battery. To have all these packages in one place is a testament to its own durability.


  • Energy Efficiency

These generators are energy efficient thereby using up lesser fuel as well as carrying larger quantities of fuel because of the way their tanks are designed.


  • Low Sound Level

The generators have a reputation for making little noise when they are in use.


Types of Sumec Firman Generators

Below are a few of the several series of Firman generators to help with your choice.


A. Sumec Firman SPG Series

The SPG series include the types discussed below.

1. Sumec Firman 0.9KVA Generator SPG 1200

Sumec 0.9kva

Sumec SPG1200 is a  single phase generator that you can get on a low budget. It’s durable and reliable since it has a rapid start rate and can go on working for hours. It’s also environment-friendly since it produces low emission and very little noise. These qualities go for all generators within this parent-model.

Price Range
Starting from ₦30,000


2. Firman 2.8 KVA Generator SPG 3000E2

Sumec 2.8kva generator

It is single phased and made of copper. It can take up to 15 litres of fuel and the noise level is standard.

Price Range
Starting from ₦76,000


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3. Sumec Firman 2.5KVA Generator SPG2900

Sumec 2.5kva generator

This SPG model is single phased like the others with an air-cooled OHV single cylinder. It starts with the recoil system and does not operate with a key. It operates without a battery and can take up to 17 litres of fuel.

Price Range
Starting from ₦78,000


4. Sumec Firman 1.8KVA Generator SPG 2200

Sumec 1.8kva generatorIt can power televisions of any size and up to six rooms at a time. It is single phased and made of one hundred percent copper. It can take up to 5.5 litres of fuel and can run up to 9 hours on a full tank. It starts with the recoil system that uses a rope and doesn’t have the key starting feature. The generator is highly durable and easy to use but requires special care in which case you must check the kind of oil you put into it.

Price Range
Starting from ₦46,000


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5. Sumec Firman 1.1KVA Generator SPG1800

Sumec 1.1kva generator

This is a single phase model with an air-cooled single cylinder. It uses the recoil starting system and has an oil alarm system. It is durable with a spectacular design and has a voltmeter.

Price Range
Starting from ₦41,000


B. Sumec Firman Ecological Series

The Ecological models of Firman generators are as follows…

6. Sumec Firman 2.8KVA Generator ECO2990S

Sumec Eco 2.8kva

This model uses the recoil starting system and is one of the best generators for home use because it can power almost all your home appliances. It can remain in operation for very long hours because it can harbor a large quantity of fuel at once.

The model has a voltage regulator that makes it unique and able to keep your home appliances from getting damaged. As a result, it is a very reliable option.

It’s also energy efficient in a way that your fuel does not burn out fast and mostly waste. A notable feature is that it is portable and does not occupy too much floor area.

Price Range
Starting from ₦79,000


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7. Sumec Firman  7.6KVA Generator ECO10990ESR

Sumec 7.6kva generator

The Firman ECO10990ESR generator is a single phase highly efficient generator. It is fast and energy saving. The machine can last up to 10 hours on a full tank. It has been acclaimed as the highest fuel saving generator on the market as it accommodates up to 26 litres of fuel.

The generator has a remote control that works within 65 metres or less and is movable with the use of its handles and wheels. ECO10990ESR is made of one hundred percent copper and comes in black and red colors.

Because of its remote control feature, you can use it within your comfort zone as you do not have to go very close to it before starting it.

Price Range
Starting from ₦220,000


C. Sumec Firman FPG Series

8. Sumec Firman 2.5KVA Generator FPG 3800E2

Sumec Firman FPG 2.5kva generator

The Sumec FPG 3800E2 model is one of those generators that can be used in homes and offices. It is a single phase model that has an electric start, uses both key and recoil as well, has wheels and low maintenance costs. It retains 15 litres of fuel and has a standard battery.

Price Range
Starting from ₦96,000


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D. Sumec Firman TS Series

9. Sumec Firman 2.2KVA Generator TS3000


Sumec TS 2.2kva generator

This is an air-cooled single phase model with a recoil starting system. It retains 15 litres of fuel and can run up to 17 hours on a full tank.

Price Range
Starting from ₦90,000


E. Sumec Firman RD Series

10. Sumec Firman 3.1KVA Generator RD3910

Sumec 3.1kva generator

This was built with the intention of serving industrial purposes and as a result became the strongest of all the generators in the Firman series. It is highly durable, air cooled and contains a tank that can store 15 litres of fuel. It has an electric start, a battery, rope, and key start so you can make your selection at each use. It can function for up to 14 hours on a full tank.

Price Range
Starting from ₦115,000


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As long as the Nigerian power situation persists, we will continually be in need of the generator industry. Companies that produce generators have done a good job of filling this gap.

But as a consumer, you need a thorough guide on how you’re to make your pick. This is why I’ve put this article together to show you exactly why you should go for a Sumec generator. I hope it is immensely helpful.


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    I want to get a good generator that can carry a 200litre freezer and 2tvs. Which brands would you recommend in order of efficiency n durability

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    Hi, i am in love with the Firman generator Eco series, Please what KVA would you recommend for a house with 2 tv sets, a water dispenser, borehole pumping machine and 200 ltrs freezer.


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