Airtel 30 GB for ₦2,500 – Valid for 60 days

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On a sunny Friday afternoon, I went out to get bread but God gave me bread and butter.

I wanted to buy ₦2,500 recharge card to subscribe for Airtel 5GB monthly subscription. When I met the attendant, I first asked her if she does data transfer (I was only trying to find out if there’s a cheaper plan).

With a sad look on her face, she told me they don’t do Airtel data transfer because they can only sell a maximum of 1GB per day blah blah blah…

She then introduced the mighty 30 GB for 60 days plan to me. I was surprised and somehow skeptical at the same time. I asked her a lot of questions just to confirm if this will truly work for me.

I asked if the plan would work on 3G and she replied yes. I finally decided to give it a trial, and now I’m rocking my 30 GB without any hassle.

You can also get yours right away.


How to get Airtel 30 GB for ₦2,500

As this is a new (or promo) plan, not everyone knows about it. Go to any Airtel center where SIM registration can be done. Tell them you want the 30 GB promo SIM. The price may differ in your area but I obtained mine for ₦2,500.

You’d be given a new SIM card and the SIM registration will be done on the spot. Insert your new SIM card in your phone and hold on a second to get a series of messages.



You’d also receive a configuration message with two installation options; “full install” and “custom install”. Select “full install” and in the next window input “0000” as your PIN. You should get a success message.


Airtel 30 GB for 60 days

Airtel 30 GB for 60 days

Airtel 30 GB for 60 days

Airtel 30 GB for 60 days

Airtel 30 GB for 60 days


Now, switch off your phone and switch it on to start browsing instantly.


How to Activate Your SIM

Wait, you’re not done yet. Remember you just registered your SIM, so load ₦100 recharge card to activate your SIM.

Dial *223# to check your data balance. See what I had.


Airtel 30 GB for 60 days


Bonus Airtime

You just got 30 GB for ₦2,500 but do you know there’s something more?

After recharging ₦100, check your balance by dialing *123#.


Airtel 30 GB for N2,500


Voila! You get 6 times the amount you recharged divided into 3 segments.


If You Missed the Configuration Message

Just in case you can’t access the configuration message for whatever reason, calm down, I’ve got you covered.

To get the configuration message, text “internet” to 232 and it’ll be sent to you in few seconds. Remember to switch off your phone and switch it on again after installation to enjoy internet service.

You have to install the configuration before you can browse.



What next after 60 days?

If you’re curious like me, you’d probably be thinking of what will happen next after the validity expires (in 60 days) or when you exhaust the data.

Well, the SIM card becomes a normal one. You can go ahead and subscribe for any of the available Airtel data plans. If you wish to continue browsing with your airtime, the normal charge rate is 5 kobo per KB (kilobyte).

I believe you can still repeat the process of getting 30 GB for ₦2,500 as long as the SIM card is still available for sale.

Do you have questions lingering in your mind about this plan?

Use the comment box. Ask me anything. I’ll reply ASAP.


Update: Airtel has decided to suspend this plan until further notice.

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5 thoughts on “Airtel 30 GB for ₦2,500 – Valid for 60 days

  • October 10, 2016 at 2:14 pm

    Hi Fouad,
    The article was wonderfully written with detailed explanation, I can’t ask for more, am rushing out right now to grab my 30GB Airtel SIM, I don’t want to miss this for anything else. Lest I forget you’ve got a nice blog and you’re doing a good job, please keep it up.

    • October 10, 2016 at 3:13 pm

      Hi Obodo,
      Thanks for the compliments and for stopping by. I’m glad you found the article explanatory enough.

  • October 13, 2016 at 7:03 pm

    I went to an airtel shop.. they said it doesn’t exist unless I buy a mifi that comes with free 30gb for 20000

    • October 13, 2016 at 8:31 pm

      Not every outlet knows about the plan. They gave that reply because they don’t know about it. I guess you’ll have to check elsewhere.


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