A Review of Small (Portable) Generators for Home Use

How do you meet your electric power needs in Nigeria without spending too much?

The answer lies in a cheap alternative source of power supply, like the petrol generator.

We all know we shouldn’t pay more than the bills for constant power supply. But in a developing country like Nigeria, you’ll need to spend a little more especially if you want electricity everytime you need it.

Generators are one of the cheapest solutions to the poor power supply in the country. Other alternatives like inverters and solar panels are a bit pricey and most likely out of your budget.

So, you might want to consider going for a good generator.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry much about costs – generators in Nigeria are so cheap now that you can get one easily with a little above 30k.

In fact, that’s what I’ll be focusing on in this post. I’ve sieved through the plethora of generators available on the market and selected some of the small and portable low-cost generators for you.

All the listed generators in this post are within the price range of ₦25,000 to ₦99,999. Quite cheap!


Small Generators in Nigeria

Best Low-Cost Small Generators Between ₦20,000 to ₦59,999 In Nigeria

1. Small Tiger Generator

Small tiger generator

The small Tiger generator is one of the best generators in Nigeria and the cheapest you can get.

The generator is an average performer; it produces very small power but sufficient enough to power a TV, ceiling fan, DVD players or decoder.

This small sized generator is ideal for students and bachelors or families living in a single or double-room apartment with minimal electronics. Please note that this will not be able to power your refrigerator or pressing iron.

Price Range
Starting from ₦25,000


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2. Elepaq 1.4KVA Generator 

Elepaq 1.4kva

Elepaq ECO 2200S is an average performer like the Tiger generator above. It, however, comes with a higher KVA (about 0.4 more) hence the slight difference in price.

The generator is very compact and comes with good fuel storage capacity, about 6L. The noise level is also very low and can be operated close to the home.

Price Range
Starting from ₦34,000
3. Elepaq 1.8KVA Generator

Elepaq 1.8kva

This is another great generator you might want to consider if you want to power more appliances. I believe you must have learned how to estimate your power needs so you don’t get a generator that’s too small to meet your needs.

This Elepaq is a generator with a slightly increased KVA. It comes with a 1.8KVA, unlike the ECO 2200S (listed above) that comes with only 1.4KVA. This slight increase in KVA is also responsible for the slight increase in price.

It comes with an 8L fuel storage capacity and can be operated close to the home.

Price Range
Starting from ₦35,000


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4. Sumec Firman 1.8KVA Generator

Sumec Firman 1.8kva

The Sumec Firman 1.8KVA generator is a manual starter generator like the above-mentioned products. In fact, we can compare this with the Elepaq 1.8kva generator as they produce the same KVA.

It also comes with a 5.5L fuel capacity which is way lesser than the storage capacity of the other one.

The Sumec generator is well-built and comes with metallic frames to protect its engine from external damage plus the engine is raised above the ground for protection from moisture.

Price Range
Starting from ₦52,000
5. Elepaq 3.5KVA Generator

Elepaq 3.5kva generator

The Elepaq 3.5KVA manual start generator is one of the best and low-cost generators out there.

It comes with a whooping 3.5KVA and guaranteed to power your refrigerator and pressing iron.

It features a 15L fuel storage capacity. This lets you keep your generator running for longer periods before refueling.

The noise level of this generator is also very low and can be operated close to the home.

Price Range
Starting from ₦46,000


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6. Elepaq 4.5KVA Generator

Elepaq 4.5kva generator

This Elepaq generator is a great performer with a high power output of 4.5KVA.

If you’re looking forward to using more appliances with your generator, you should consider investing in this generator as it comes with a good output that’s capable of powering almost any average Nigerian household equipment.

The generator can also be used to operate a small-scale business and since it comes with a good fuel storage capacity, you won’t need to worry about hurrying outside every time to refuel it.

Price Range
Starting from ₦58,000


Best Low-Cost Generators Between ₦60,000 to ₦99,999 In Nigeria

7. Elepaq 3.2KVA Generator

Elepaq 3.2kva generator

This comes with a good power crank of 3.2KVA and guaranteed to power most of your home appliances effortlessly.

It comes with a decent 15L fuel storage capacity and has very low noise levels.

The generator is a good performer and fuel burner; it emits a very little amount of carbon monoxide as it burns fuel efficiently.

Price Range
Starting from ₦71,000
8. Tiger TG2700 Generator

Tiger TG2700 Generator

Few people ever realize that tiger also has other generator models apart from the popular small Tiger model.

Fortunately, Tiger TG2700 is one of the rare products of the company which falls within our price range of the small and cheapest generators in Nigeria.

The Tiger TG2700 has a well-built design and comes with a metallic protective frame which is also used to keep the engine of the generator above ground level.

The noise level of this generator is quite low compared to others and it comes with a 12L storage which I find pretty decent for a product at its price range.

Price Range
Starting from ₦60,000


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9. Sumec Firman 2.5kva Generator

Sumec Firman 2.5kva

The Sumec Firman Generator SPG3000E2 is a powerful generator that’s excellent for those living in more than 3 rooms apartments or operating small businesses like laundry business or cyber cafe.

This generator comes with two starter options: manual or electric with a key.

The generator is built with a metallic frame surrounding the engine and comes with two tyres and a pair of handles for easy movement.

The storage capacity of 15L is guaranteed to keep the generator running for longer periods before needing a refill.

Price Range
Starting from ₦78,000


You don’t have to break the bank just to have power present in your home every time you need it — at least, not when you can buy a high-efficient electric generator at a very low cost in Nigeria.

The above generators are your best bet if you’re looking for a small, portable, and cheap generator in Nigeria.


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