Tiger Generators Are Long Lasting. Check Out the List and Prices

Go for one of the inexpensive Tiger generators if all you plan to power in your home is your TV set (small one), home theater, laptop, decoder or phones

Tiger generators are one of the most popular brands of generators in Nigeria. The company produced the famous tiger T500 which has been famously nicknamed as “I better pass my neighbor”.

For most Nigerian homes, the power output of these low-cost generators is enough for their day-to-day life.

However, if you’re looking for a generator with bigger output, for instance, one that can power all the above-listed appliances plus your refrigerator, microwave or electric iron, you’d best consider the Elepaq, Honda or even the Sumec Generator series. And of course, there are other larger types like the noiseless Mikano generators, but those are quite expensive.

Here, I’ll review the various features and specifications of Tiger generators available in Nigeria and in each case, help you decide which is best for your home or small business (yes, you can use them to power your small scale business)


Pros of Tiger Generators


Portability is one of the unique features of any Tiger generator; they are built compact and can fit almost any space in the home.

This feature makes them ideal for almost any small home. Plus they are easy to move about.


Relatively inexpensive

Compared with other brands of generators in Nigeria, they’re quite affordable and from various observations, within the reach of the average Nigerian.


Relatively easy to operate

The Tiger generator series comprises some of the simplest and easy to operate generators you can ever find in Nigeria.

They are relatively easy to start and even easier to stop.


Ideal for students

Due to their compact size and little space requirements, most products in the Tiger generator series are ideal choices for students plus they provide very low power output, hence can be used to power a single room conveniently without any fear of damaging your electronics.


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Cons of Tiger Generators

Not designed to run for long

Tiger generators are designed to run small numbers of low power demanding appliances for short periods of time.

You may use them overnight but that will only cause them to break down easily and quicker than you’d expect.


Low power output

You cannot use them to power your refrigerator, microwave, or pressing iron. Also, you probably will have to switch off a few other appliances especially when the generator starts getting older. As such, you might want to consider saving and going for bigger ones like the ones from Sumec, Honda or Elepaq, especially if you plan to use more appliances in the future.


Loud noise levels

Loud noise level is not peculiar to these generators alone. In fact, it is the one problem associated with almost every kind of generators running on petrol.

The noise level of a Tiger generator is quite bearable when it is just out of the carton but often increases as time progresses. If you can secure a clean place a little distant from your home, you probably won’t have time worry about the noise level.


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Tiger Generators Prices in Nigeria

1. Tiger Generator TG1400

Tiger generator TG1400

By naming convention, the TG1400 is the lowest Tiger generator series on the Nigerian market.

As expected, the generator is relatively cheap but as far as performance is concerned, it can be compared with others in the series (listed below). It supports fewer home or office appliances since it has a lower power output.

Tiger TG1400 is ideal for those living in a single or two bedroom apartment with few electronics. This is especially ideal for students and small business owners.

Price Range
Starting from ₦26,000


2. Tiger Generator TG1450

Tiger generator TG1450

If you are looking for something with better performance and lower noise levels, then you should consider going for the Tiger TG1450.

It comes with a well-placed muffler to prevent noise and an increased ability to burn fuel more efficiently than the Tiger TG1400.

It features a similar design as all the above-listed models but comes with a slightly easier starter system and a few Watts output above the others.

Price Range
Starting from ₦28,000


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3. Tiger Generator TG1500

Tiger generator TG1500

This is another great option for those looking to power their home appliances. Like all other Tiger generators, TG1500 comes with a beautiful compact design and an easy starter system.

It also features an overload circuit breaker and its power output is quite stable. This alone can help prevent your electrical appliances from getting burnt.

Price Range
Starting from ₦25,000


4. Tiger Generator TG1550

Tiger generator TG1550

Like all other tiger Generator listed in this article, this comes with an overload auto-circuit breaker and a steady power output. This makes the generator relatively safe for your home appliances as its power output does not fluctuate.

The Tiger TG1550 is relatively noiseless compared with others in this series and quite as portable and light as TG1400.

Price Range
Starting from ₦25,000


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5. Tiger Generator TG2700

Tiger generator TG2700

Tiger TG2700 is the largest Tiger generator in Nigeria.

It comes with a premium build and design of Elepaq generators and has a large storage capacity to prevent frequent refilling.

The generator is a little expensive though when compared to the Elepaq that comes with the same design and almost the same output.

But then, the Tiger brand is known and trusted for its super quality products. So, I believe there’s something unique that sets it apart from the others which inadvertently leads to the unexpectedly higher cost.

Like all other Tiger generators listed here, Tiger TG2700 comes with an overload auto-circuit breaker and a steady power output. This makes the generator relatively safe for your home appliances as its power output does not fluctuate.

This particular generator is the only Tiger generator in Nigeria that can power your refrigerator with your TV, decoder, and home theater at the same time.

Price Range
Starting from ₦62,000


Wrap Up

The Tiger generator series is one of the most confusing series of products out there. All except the TG2700 comes with the same compact size and design. As such, one can easily mistake one for the other. In fact, most people do not know or mind the difference but it matters a lot as those higher in the series are better performers.


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