Have You Seen What PS5 Looks Like? You’d Be Surprised

PS5 is the much-awaited console from Sony. A lot of people expected the device to be released in 2019 but were disappointed when the company burst their bubbles.

It’s now officially confirmed that the PS5 will be released in 2020.

There are several rumours going around on what the device will look like and what gamers should expect. In fact, a recently leaked image revealed the possible architecture of the device. And experts have developed a 3D version of the sketch.

The leaked image suggests that the PS5 has a v-shaped structure with some buttons on the sides.

So far, there is no confirmation from Sony whether this next-gen console will be named PS5 or given a new name. But we hope that they name it PS5.

Read on to learn the latest facts about this console (as officially revealed by Sony).


Key Features

Here are some of the confirmed major features of the PS5 as announced by Sony.


The PS5 is built with several features that are only found on high-end devices. It is designed with AMD’s advanced third-generation 8-core Ryzen processor packed with AMD Radeon Navi GPU. This graphic card will give the device the capability to offer an ultra-lightning technology known as ray tracing.

This means that your console will have the ability to simulate the physical behaviour of light and offer real-time cinematic quality.

The card also supports 8K graphics, which means that you’re going to get up to 4 times the resolution you get with previous versions with 4k support.

The powerful CPU that comes with it will support 3D audio for a better sound quality whether you’re enjoying your game with your TV speakers or using a headphone. PS5 supports 4k visuals at a frequency of 120Hz. This is great for people with displays having a high refresh rate.


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To give the console high processing speed, it is packed with a powerful SSD that loads super fast. This new SSD will load a game that would usually load in 15 seconds within just 1 second. Yes, that’s how powerful it is.


VR Compatibility

In terms of compatibility, there’s no cause for alarm and Playstation fans have nothing to worry about. PS5 is compatible with the present version of PlayStation VR headset. But of course, expect it to load faster than its predecessors.

This next-gen console also plays PS4 games, so transitioning from your current generation to the next generation console won’t be a problem.

It’s good to know that it will come with physical disc support.


PlayStation 5 Price in Nigeria

You definitely should expect a higher price compared with the PS4 when it was launched. PS4 was tagged at about N146,000 at the time of launch. Experts have forecast the price of PS5 to be about N37,000 than the PS4. In order words, expect the starting price of PS5 to be around N183,000.


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PS5 Release Date

Sony, in an event held in April 2019, revealed that they have no plans to release the next-generation console in the next 12 months. So, this means that the earliest expected release date is May 2020. Experts have, however, predicted late 2020 (around November) as the most likely date for the release of this beast.


Final Verdict

The PS5 is way more superb and more immersive than the PS4 and PS4 Pro. The fact that it has backward compatibility and can play PS4 games makes it even more awesome. This means that you can now enjoy your favourite PS4 games with better graphics and faster loading speed.

The 8K support is also one of the awesome features that make this console a must-have. It will provide crisp and quality display, making playing games even more realistic and fun.


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