Energy-Efficient Samsung Air Conditioners for Long-Term Use in Nigeria

Owning an air conditioner today should no longer be considered a luxury or an afterthought.

The air conditioner is much more important in every home and office today more than ever before.

It is now a necessity if you want more productivity from your workers in your workplace or more peacefulness and health in your home.

The importance of air conditioners is rapidly gaining ground. More and more people are owning air conditioners in their homes and offices not only because of its enormous importance to quality living and increased productivity, but also because air conditioners are becoming increasingly affordable. It is no longer an item for the rich alone.

Samsung air conditioners are some of the air conditioners available in the Nigerian tech market.

That’s why I’ll be focusing exclusively on reviewing some of the best Samsung split air conditioners in Nigeria to help you find the best deals for your home or office space.


Types of Samsung Air Conditioners

Before I give you a unique list of some of the best split air conditioners you should go for, I believe you’d be interested in knowing a little about each type of Samsung air conditioners in Nigeria (if you’re not interested, quickly scroll down to the main part of this article)

They have been broadly classified into wall-mount air conditioners and system air conditioners with the basic characteristic of mounting.

The wall-mount air conditioner mounts on the wall just below the ceiling, giving you more space to keep other things while the system ACs are basically of the floor standing variety. Although, there are system ACs designed like the wall-mount types.

Samsung air conditioners also come with heating and cooling features and some cool out-of-the-box specifications that make them catchy.


Samsung Air Conditioners Price List

I review some of the Samsung air conditioners you’ll find on Jumia right here to help ease your search for the best products available.

Since it’s quite impossible for me to buy and test each unit here, I had to rely heavily on users testimonies, from which I chose the very best to give you the best options.


1. Samsung Split Air Conditioner 1.5HP

Samsung split air conditioner 1.5hp

This Samsung air conditioner model is energy efficient as it cools faster by 40% even on low voltage. As a result, you do not have to worry about the consequences of low voltage.

The air conditioner also comes with a unique triangular design like most other Samsung air conditioners that take in more air and thereafter allows cool air to escape farther, wider and further into the room.

Amongst its most notable features is its two-step cooling feature that cools you faster during initial startup and then adjusts to a comfortable state. If you are just escaping from the scorching of the heat, this will come really handy as you will get immediate relief from just turning on your air conditioner.

This model also supports a full HD easy filter, an auto restart and an auto clean feature, all working to keep your AC clean, easy and convenient to use.

Price Range
Starting from ₦117,000


2. Samsung Triangle Split Air Conditioner 1HP

Samsung split air conditioner 1hp

This Samsung air conditioner model has an anti-corrosive coating to help keep its condenser and cabinet from rusting. It also has the unique ability (because of its large condenser and refrigerant) to endure extreme heat of up to 58°C.

The model also comes with a Triple Protect system that keeps its compressor from getting overloaded and breaking down from fluctuating power supply. Among its key features are its easy filter, 2-step cooling, and triangular design. This air conditioner model is highly efficient and durable.

Price Range
Starting from ₦86,000


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3. Samsung Split Air Conditioner Tripple Protector 1.0HP

Samsung split air conditioner 1hp tripple protector

Like all the other models above, this air conditioner has a triangle design, an easy filter, a 2-step cooling, and a Triple Protect Smart. It has the ability to provide cooled air for long periods. It has an anti-bacterial coating that takes care of all the impurities in the captured air so you do not have to worry about what you are breathing in.

Price Range
Starting from ₦95,000


4. Samsung Split Air Conditioner 2hp

Samsung Split air conditioner 2hp

This model comes with a cool and compact design that anyone would love lying around their house. As for its features, it has a Virus Doctor and a Temperature Adjustment System.

The Virus Doctor makes certain that you are breathing in clean air after it eradicates virus, bacteria and captures dust away. With its Temperature Adjustment System, you can stay cool all night. It is also energy efficient using very little energy and saving your money in return.

It does not matter whether the power voltage is high or low, the compressor is perfectly safe either way. Even the weather is a problem that has been taken care of with this model as it has been built to provide you comfort all the way.

Price Range
Starting from ₦200,000


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5. Samsung Triple Protector Split Air Conditioner 1.5HP  

Samsung split air conditioner 1.5hp tripple protector

This model of Samsung air conditioners is efficient, durable and fast – providing immediate comfort from the heat outside. It also cools your space for long periods. It has an anti-bacterial filter that takes care of impurities and releases perfectly safe air into your atmosphere.

Price Range
Starting from ₦120,000


6. Samsung Triangular Split Air Conditioner 1.0HP

Samsung split air conditioner 1hp triangular

This air conditioner has the unique triangular design with a wider inlet that draws in more air and releases more cooled air at one time, consequently, cooling a wider and farther area at once.

Its outlet has extra v-blades and a bigger fan that makes this possible. It also has a 2-step cooling process. Cooling is really fast at first and then adjusts to a comfortable state. This means that it has a powerful Fast Cool Mode and a Comfort Mode.

Other notable features include its Easy Filter and its Virus Doctor which help to ensure that cooled air is clean and pure. Its Triple Protector Plus technology arms the compressor against fluctuating power voltages and you do not need a stabilizer to use it.

It has an anti-corrosive coating that keeps the condenser from rusting. The Easy Filter is easy to locate so that you can remove it and clean it.

Price Range
Starting from ₦105,000


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7. Samsung Split Air Conditioner 1.0HP

Samsung split air conditioner 1.0hp

This air conditioner has a Triple Protect System and triangular design. The filter is located outside it so that you can easily clean it. It also has a smart installation system that lets you know immediately if it was not properly installed. Like the others, it has a 2-step cooling system from Fast Mode to Comfort Mode.

Price Range
Starting from ₦86,000


8. Samsung Split Air Conditioner Inverter Model 1.5HP

Samsung split air conditioner 1.5hp inverter

This model features the triangle design with a wider intake and a more efficient outlet that has extra v-blades and a bigger fan. It is durable because it has the Triple Protect System that prevents the compressor from crashing under the weight of fluctuating electric currents and dispenses with the need for a separate stabilizer.

It also has a smart installation feature that allows for self-diagnosis thus providing you with the best you can get in one package.

Price Range
Starting from ₦230,000


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It is apparent that the Samsung AC brand is one of the most innovative air conditioner manufacturers in Nigeria. With their energy efficiency feature, they save your energy and, consequently, your money because you get to pay less while using the same power output. If you’re considering buying an air conditioner, go for Samsung.


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